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Dossier Fleet Maintenance Software Users Group Meeting

Date: Oct. 24-25, 2007

Location: Atlantic City, NJ


19th Annual Meeting

ATCO, NJ - (August 31, 2007) - Fleet professionals from around the nation will converge on the Hilton Hotel and Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ on October 24th and 25th, 2007 at the Dossier Fleet Maintenance Software Users Group meeting.

Doug White, Director of Fleet Maintenance, Dunbar Armored, Hunt Valley, Md. and the Group's Chairman, announced the agenda for the two day event includes panel discussions to address topics Dossier Users Group members voted as most important in the highly publicized fleet study and survey conducted in February 2007. More than 200 fleets responded to this study; as a result, panels will focus on managing equipment life cycles, developing and managing fleet budgets, and the hiring, managing, and retaining of mechanics and drivers.

Special guest speakers addressing this year's Users Group meeting will include Darry Stuart, Chairman of the TMC and Joseph Dunne, Director of Education of the National Association of Fleet Administrators. These experts will speak about the value of belonging to a national fleet organization that focuses on surface transportation needs and issues.

In addition, User Group members will be the first to see and operate the new Dossier Tire Management system along with the tire management software that drives it. This technology automates tire data collection and the reporting of tires with chronic air pressure and tread wear problems.

Fleet representatives will review and critique the newest Dossier software features and the proposed future enhancements, along with topic-specific break-out sessions. Multi-level training sessions on the new enhancements included in version 4.5 of Dossier fleet software will be conducted by experts from the program's developer, Arsenault Associates.

"This independent no-nonsense Group represents a broad range of large and small fleets from many diverse industries that operate and maintain tens of thousands of vehicles. These people know what they want and they're not afraid to speak their minds. The Dossier Users Group has been a driving force in the program's development since 1988. Their ideas, comments, and no-holds barred straight talk carry a lot of weight with us." says Charles Arsenault, CEO of Arsenault Associates.

All users of the Dossier Fleet Software, whether they are active User Group members or not, are encouraged to attend this highly productive two day fleet technology meeting. Fleet professionals interested in attending can get a meeting agenda and attendance registration form or just learn more about the Group by pointing their web browser to and going to the Users Group page, calling (609) 747-8800, or by e-mail

For more information, contact:
Doug White - Chairman
Andrea Harper - Secretary
711 Jackson Road, Atco, NJ 08004
Phone: (800) 525-5256, (609) 747-8800
Fax: (609) 747-8801

Host: Dossier Users Group

Contact: Doug White - Chairman

Tel: (800) 525-5256

Fax: (609) 747-8801


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